Quality Assessment & Performance Improvement

SMG QAPI Team is composed of our CMO, Medical Director, COO, administrator, nurse manager, quality manager, nursing supervisors, and senior technical staff. They work together on a 24/7 basis to ensure that all policies and procedures are carefully implemented and that any questions or problems regarding patient care and safety are immediately addressed. Their focus is on providing dialysis services which are timely, meet all clinical and technical standards of care, are routinely audited and reviewed at monthly meetings, and work in collaboration with each hospital’s nursing and case management teams.

The Quality and Performance Indicators are robust and reflect our goal of being leaders and innovators in the provision of acute dialysis services to area hospitals. Patient Safety, Infection Control, Personnel Credentialing and Competency, Water Quality, Patient Satisfaction, Medical Records Audits, Adverse Events and Clinical Outcomes Review, Dialysis Orders Review, Dialysis Treatment Timeliness, and Coordination of care with hospital staff are all reviewed and addressed. Recommendations are made and implemented regarding patient care, safety, satisfaction, clinical services, and improved integration strategies with all members and participants for both inpatient and outpatient care.